Sneaky Snake
Summary:  Best snake game on the market!! This is our version of the classic Snake game. Control the snake as it moves around the board.  Eat the mice to gain points which will cause your snake to get longer and increase it's speed. In our version we have included a few bonus items to make things a little more interesting. 
Simple touch screen controls help to make this a fun and easy game to play.
Play to get the highest local score or enable "OpenFeint" to compete with Sneaky Snake score globally.  Very quick and easy to enable, just the press of a button and you could be #1 in no time!!!

** Controls are based on the snake's direction (ex. left is the snake's left, not your left) **

*Ad supported game*

Summary: Simple BlackJack game that is great for kicking back on the couch or great to just pass the time in the doctor's office.  Now has more features.  Now you can create a player and track statistics.

Easy Tip Calculator
Summary:  Easy Tip Calculator is an easy to use tip calculator.  It displays the tip amount per person and the total due per person including the tip.

Easy Mortgage Calculator
Summary:  This is an easy to use mortgage calculator.  Just enter in the loan info. to find the monthly payment.  Also get a breakdown of payments for life of the loan.

Easy Auto Calculator
Summary:  Very simple, easy to use auto loan calculator.  Enter loan details and view summary of payments over the life of the loan.  Download the Easy Auto Calculator today! 

PreK Match Game
Summary:  Fun match game with an educational spin.  Great for your kids to have some fun and learning a little at the same time.