'Jacks or Better' Android app

We just released the free Jacks or Better game for the Android.  Nice video poker game that will keep you entertained.  Download it today!  

New Apps

If anyone has an idea for a good app please feel free to contact us and we'll look into developing one of the great app ideas.

PreK Match Game

A few days ago we uploaded the PreK Match game.  Nice match game for young kids that has a edge toward education.  Sorry for the delay on the post but it's been busy lately.  Please download today.  We put a free version, with ads, and a paid version for $1.10 without ads.  They are the same but I know people don't always like an ad displaying so now you have the choice.

BlackJack game uploaded to the market

Hello all,
Last night the BlackJack game was uploaded to the market.  It is a FREE app.  A great game to sit back and play or also a good game for passing the time.  Check it out today!

Free BlackJack Game

Working on a free BlackJack game to put on the market.  Just getting started with it but it should be available soon. 

Emergency Assistant error

Sorry to those that have issues with the medications since the 9-11 update.  Due to the update of the database setup meds must be re-entered.  Once again, sorry for any inconvenience.  I have just updated the app again due to an error in landscape user interface.  Everything running smoothly now.

Emergency Assistant

Emergency Assistant app was uploaded to the market.  I've been busy at work so this is a little behind the actual release of the app.  Check it out today!

All-n-One Calculator

Just released the all-n-one calculator to the market.  It contains the mortgage, auto loan, tip, sales, basic calculators.  The mortgage and auto loan calculators allow you to view the payment schedule for the life of the loan.

new clock uploaded

Cool blue analog clock has been uploaded to the market.  Check it out!

Blue Analog Clock uploaded

Hey everyone,
Just uploaded the 1st of many clocks and themes.  Check out the 'blue analog clock' in the market.

2 new apps added

This weekend we added "Easy Tip Calculator" and "(Spanish) Easy Tip Calculator".  Check them out on the market today!


Hey everyone!  We will be uploading a few apps this weekend.  We are new to android so apps will not be flowing in, but check in often to see our new uploads.