Martin Software Solutions has moved

Hey everyone, we have moved the site to  We will no longer use or update this site, please go to

Martin Software Solutions now on NOOK Color™ by Barnes & Noble

I'm proud to announce that Martin Software Solutions can now be found on the NOOK Color™ by Barnes & Noble.  Our first app that we uploaded is the All -n- One Calculator.  Keep checking in to see our new apps that we upload for the Nook Color.

Martin Software Solutions on Amazon

Hey all!  Happy to say that our apps will now be available at the Amazon app store. 

Sneaky Snake for Android

Sneaky Snake game for Android was just released.  Sneaky Snake is our version of the classic Snake Game with a few twists.  You can play for the highest local score or you can enable OpenFeint and play for the highest global Sneaky Snake score.  Check it out today --- IT'S FREE!!!

Simple BlackJack Pro for Android

We released Simple BlackJack Pro to the market today.  It is similar to the free blackjack app that we have for Android.  On the pro version you can create players and save statistics for each player.  We have also added sound to the game which was lacking from the free version and slowed the cards down to make for a better gaming experience.  Hope everyone likes it, please drop into the market and download the 'Simple BlackJack Pro' app by Martin Software Solutions. 

Vehicle Organizer

Just uploaded our Vehicle Organizer app for Android.  Here is a short description of the app. 

Great app to keep track of your vehicle information.  This app will keep track of information that you may need when purchasing items for your vehicle.  You can also keep track of maintenance items and keep track of mileage and trips that can be used for tax purposes. Also keeps track of part numbers and information about each category.

You can upload an image of each vehicle in the vehicle list.  The size of the image needs to be 90px * 90px.

Conversion Calculator for Android

Just released a free Conversion Calculator for Android.  It is a basic conversion calculator that offers the more common units of weight, length/distance, area, volume and temperature.  Download today.