Conversion Calculator for Android

Just released a free Conversion Calculator for Android.  It is a basic conversion calculator that offers the more common units of weight, length/distance, area, volume and temperature.  Download today.

New Android app updates

Just updated the Tip Calculator, Mortgage Calculator, PreK Match Game, BlackJack and the Jacks or Better android apps due to a new update in the ad code. 

All-n-One Calculator update

Well I decided to go ahead and finish this update today.  The new all-n-one calculator for android phones now has a conversion calculator that converts the more common units in weight, length/distance, volume, area and temperature. I hope everyone gets some use out of the app. Here is the QR code for the All-n-one calculator.

New look!

Hey everyone.  Hope you like the new look of the site.  We are working on an update of the All-n-one calculator and it should be out within the next day or so.  Have a good one everybody!